Changing Lives With The Crim Training Program

Do you remember your first Crim Race? Do you remember why you did it? For some, it’s a PR to beat. Another achievement, another fun medal to gain. For others, it’s not just a goal but a life-changing experience. If the race itself sounds intimidating, why not prepare to run it with like-minded people, at your own pace? That’s what the Crim Training Program is all about. 

“My first Crim race was in 1996,” said Greg Gibbs. “I had been a chain smoker for 25 years into 1991, and once I stopped, one of my goals was to run the Crim.”

Greg recalls how he and his wife got started with the training program and love for the race. 

“I shared office space with Brian Barkey who was active in the Crim for years and he convinced my wife, Ann Lerche, and I to sign up for the Crim training program. Best decision we made in our lives. We have trained together for 22 Crims, running 18 ten milers and walking the last 4 ten milers always using the Crim training program. We met a lot of great people along the way, many of whom have become good friends.”


You Can Change Your Life!

While the race this year will look a little different, you can still make an impact in your community.  By registering to participate in the 1st ever HAP Virtual Crim, you are supporting the important programs that the Crim Fitness Foundation offers all year round throughout Genesee County.  Get signed up today and invite friends and family to join you.  You can even create a race team for free to enhance the experience.