teacher1From stress reduction to improved academic performance to improved relationships, the benefits of mindfulness are vast and varied. School principals say mindfulness has helped improve classroom behavior, while students say it helps them focus and with behavioral problems. Mindfulness has also proven beneficial for stress reduction and relationship building.

Since 2012, the Crim Mindfulness Initiative has offered lessons and trainings to schools and individuals throughout Flint and Genesee County. Today, the Crim Fitness Foundation is leading a groundbreaking initiative to bring Mindfulness and its benefits to our community. As part of the educational mindfulcomponent of this work, the Crim is partnering with two nationally recognized organizations – Inner Explorer and Yoga Ed – to bring a fully comprehensive yoga and mindfulness program to students in the Flint Community Schools. In addition, the Crim is documenting and assessing this work through research being conducted by Dr. B Grace Bullock, Ph.D., a research scientist, psychologist and yoga and mindfulness expert, and Dr. Karin Pfeiffer. Through the insights gained here, we hope to help our own community and others understand the benefits of Mindfulness, and create a pathway of hope and healing.

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