The Crim Fitness Foundation is an equal opportunity employer that is dedicated to the pursuit of cultivating fitness as a community and family value.  If you are someone who appreciates tradition, is interested in helping others live a healthier life and generally gets motivated by opportunity, we may have a great opportunity for you!  And–AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, FoodCorps, and other national service alumni are encouraged to apply!

Who We Are

The Crim Fitness Foundation is place of extraordinary people. We envision a community and a world that is thriving, healthy, and mindful. Overcoming the barriers to turning our vision into reality is a worthy challenge, and its success will help determine our future. If you want not just a job but a calling, where you not only earn a living but make a difference, join us. If you want to tell your grandchildren how you helped lead your community from the least healthy place in the United States to a transformed and energized model for healthy community, join us to help make it so.

What does the Crim need and seek? Above all, exceptional talent and initiative.  Not ordinary, not pedestrian, not conventional, not unremarkable. No drones, no drudges, no résumé-builders. We seek sizzle in your brain and fire in your belly. Why do you get out of bed each morning? If your passion is close to our vision and mission, the Crim Fitness Foundation may be where you can grow to your fullest potential.  We hire as much for aptitudes and attributes as for disciplines and experiences. Among those characteristics, we’ve found these broad hallmarks of success:

Agility:  With a vision as constant as the North Star and grounded in a sense of purpose, you exercise your innate capacity to respond, adjust, flex, and shift to meet challenges, circumstances, and needs in our rapidly changing world.

Clarity: Effective people think and communicate with clarity. Lucid, graceful writing and speaking and the capacity to imagine the graph or picture or phrase that’s worth a thousand words are highly valued, as is the ability to fundamentally reframe the question or problem to redirect the whole inquiry forward.

Quality: Do you strive to get the concept clear, the word precise, the layout beautiful, the message compelling–not just because it works better, but because you have high personal standards? We do too. We strive to build in excellence from the start, not add it later, so all our effort goes not to fixing mistakes but to fulfilling mission.

Curiosity: Are you content to stay forever who you are, know what you know, and do what you do? If so, find an ordinary job. But if you have an itch to see over the horizon, the Crim is an exciting place. We sustain a sharp focus but a very wide-angle lens. Being curious, audacious, and fearless has given the Crim a long track record of working to solve big problems in ways no one has tried before.

Originality:  Can you not just solve problems but avoid them? Can you spot the real question?  Can you keep asking ‘Why’ until you get to the deep root of the matter?

Integration: The Crim is known for original approach, but our best work, rarest skill, and greatest need is synthesis. If you are an integrative thinker with that unique knack for mental jigsaw-puzzles, that special “helicopter” view of how scattered bits can snap together into creative new patterns, this is a great place for you.

Initiative: Is your ‘Start’ button self-pressing? The Crim cultivates a fast-paced, entrepreneurial style. Though our nonprofit organization exercises the discipline of a for-profit firm, we value leadership and spunk. If you know where you’re headed, your capability will accelerate our work and your development. We recognize contribution, not rank. And to help fan your spark, we’re evolving ever better ways to deepen and broaden your learning, expand your horizons, mentor your growth, and reward your achievement.

Steadfastness: Solving big problems takes time, flexibility, and relentless patience. Much of our work will take years to flower. Along the way are doubts, setbacks, uncertainties, constant questioning. Can you adapt to change but stay the course? Do you persevere through adversity? Do you have a high tolerance of ambiguity?

Empathy: Would you rather fight with an opponent or dance with a partner? Can you talk to others where they are, not where you are? Can you give public credit to those who need it, whether or not they deserve it? Such empathetic and collaborative skills underlie the Crim’s non-adversarial, non-partisan approach, which achieves results by focusing on shared outcomes rather than divergent motives.

Humor: Because the problems we’re solving are serious, we mustn’t take ourselves too seriously. If we can’t enjoy life and each other, laughing and loving here and now, what’s the point? Good work is fun; life is joyful. Humor is indeed one of our most powerful tools for reaching those trapped in rigidity.

Variety: The Crim is a diverse family of athletes and artists, forerunners and foodies, moms and mentors, scholars and storytellers, conveners and collaborators. We embrace diversity and seek talent in all their rich dimensions. Everything you are and know and can be, where you come from and where you’re going, expands our effectiveness and enriches our lives.

Balance: We all work hard, but we know work is a part of life, not vice versa. To be consistently effective at the Crim, you should be a whole person, healthy and happy and fulfilled. We don’t just accept this; we expect and support it. If you need to get a life, we’ll gently say so. If you have a life in balance, we’ll help you keep it so.

Open Positions

Executive Assistant

Join our Community Education Initiative team as Executive Assistant!  If you are passionate about community, about kids, and health--this is the place for you.  As Executive Assistant to the VP for Community Impact, overseeing the Community Education Initiative, you will be hands-on with every detail of this transformational program. You will work closely with the VP and other Crim program managers and directors, as well as with funders, sponsors, community members, and supporters. Here at the Crim you are a valued member of our team--join us for opportunity, challenge, excitement, fun, and the reward of knowing what you do every day changes peoples' lives for the better.

Click here for a more detailed job description.   This position is grant-funded; starting at $21 per hour and also including paid vacation time and an employer-paid benefit package with health/dental/vision/life/short-long term disability insurances and a 3% employer match 403b plan.  Please email your letter of interest and resume to laguirre@crim.org on or before 9:00 a.m.. on Monday, December 3, 2018. No telephone inquiries; thank you.

Administrative Specialist

Join our Community School Corps team as an Administrative Specialist!  If you are passionate about community, about kids, and health--this is the place for you!  As Administrative Specialist for the Community School Corps team, you will be hands-on with every detail of our members’ service experience--from their application paperwork and on-boarding to providing regular communications and team-building.  You’ll be directly supporting the Community School Corps Manager, helping coordinate every aspect of our members’ day-to-day service experience.

Click here for a more detailed job description.   This position is grant-funded; starting at $18 per hour with an employer-paid benefit package including health/dental/vision/life/short-long term disability insurances and a 3% employer match 403b plan.  Please email your letter of interest and resume to laguirre@crim.org on or before 9:00 a.m.. on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. No telephone inquiries; thank you.

UptoUs Coaches (AmeriCorps) at Host Site Crim Fitness Foundation, Inc.

The Crim Fitness Foundation is seeking two full time Up2Us Coaches through AmeriCorps. Coaches will be working directly with school partners throughout Flint to mentor students through sports and will be primarily responsible for coaching a variety of sports throughout the school year in an after school setting.  For a description of the full-time position click here. Please submit your letter of interest, resume/CV, and at least three references to laguirre@crim.org by 5:00 pm.on Friday, December 7, 2018.

Position: AmeriCorps Service Member- Up2Us Coach  - Full Time

Responsible To: Program Manager-Physical Activity

Compensation: Living stipend provided by AmeriCorps; Education stipend at the end of a successful term of service

Service Term: 1700 hours - Full Time

This is an AmeriCorps position for a term of service with the Crim.

Volunteer Sports Coach

We are currently seeking Volunteer Sports Coaches for our Flint Community Sports Program.Coaches are needed for afterschool sports programming at our Flint Elementary and Middle Schools. The purpose and primary responsibility of this volunteer opportunity is to create a positive learning environment where the children learn sportsmanship, fundamental skills, teamwork and responsibility. The Flint Community Sports Program emphasizes skill development, sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility, fair play and most importantly - having fun. Click here for a full description.

Please email your letter of interest, resume, and at least three professional references to Jennifer Baker.