Lauren Holaly-Zembo
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 810.235.7801
Email: lholaly@crim.org







Leslie Aguirre
Executive Assistant to the CEO/HR
Phone: 810.235.5566
Email: laguirre@crim.org

Phone: 810.235.7717
Email: accounting@crim.org







Sharon Davenport
Program Director/Physical Activity & Nutrition Programs
Phone: 810.600.5817
Email: sdavenport@crim.org







Brandon Morgan
Director of Development
Phone: 810.201.5698







Theresa Roach
Active Communities Director
Phone: 810.235.7894
Email: troach@crim.org







Sarah Sullivan
Program Director/Mindfulness
Phone: 810.235.7461
Email: ssullivan@crim.org







Andy Younger
Race Director
Phone: 810.235.3579
Email: ayounger@crim.org