Safe & Active Genesee


Join a group who shares a vision for creating a more walkable and bikeable community and is taking action to make it happen, be part of an information sharing network to learn about resources in the community and share what you are doing as well and more!

Flint Cycle Fest

Flint Cycle Fest is a new event for anyone who likes to ride a bike, from beginners to enthusiasts, of all ages and abilities. With three different distances, there is a ride for everyone, showing off some of the best and most interesting parts of Flint. All routes start in the afternoon and end with a great party.

Technical Assistance

At the Crim Fitness Foundation we cultivate accessible, vibrant communities in Flint and Genesee County that encourage and create equitable opportunities for individuals to lead healthy lifestyles. To do this, we address access to programs, resources and long term interventions by providing nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness programs for youth and adults. Second, we establish neighborhood schools as community resource hubs through the coordination of Flint’s Community Education Initiative. Lastly, we eliminate barriers and establish sustainable solutions through policy, systems and built environment change.

Safe Schools, Safe Neighborhoods

With the goal of improving safety for kids walking and biking to and from school, millions of dollars have been invested in infrastructure improvements like sidewalks, crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and lighting.

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