Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

At the Crim Fitness Foundation we cultivate accessible, vibrant communities in Flint and Genesee County that encourage and create equitable opportunities for individuals to lead healthy lifestyles.
To do this, we address access to programs, resources and long term interventions by providing nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness programs for youth and adults. Second, we establish neighborhood schools as community resource hubs through the coordination of Flint’s Community Education Initiative. Lastly, we eliminate barriers and establish sustainable solutions through policy, systems and built environment change.

The Crim Active Communities team:

  • Develops community-wide solutions that advance health and wellness in an equitable way
  • Builds partnerships and develops local leadership
  • Seeks to address policies, systems and built environment
  • Collaborates with the Crim nutrition, mindfulness and physical activity teams
  • Partners with the Flint Community Education Initiative
  • Leverage funds that support walking, bicycling and traffic calming

Crim Active Communities can assist your community by:

  • Helping develop and implement campaigns, especially around coalitions and capacity building
  • Bringing a health perspective to planning and funding by identifying successful ways to incorporate health in all policies
  • Developing equity improvement plans including analyses around placement of facilities, access to safe routes, lack of infrastructure, and violence prevention
  • Providing guidance on ways to navigate federal transportation fund spending regulations
  • Providing best practices, case studies and model policies from around the country
  • Providing assistance in building bridges between departments of health, planning, transportation, and education
  • Facilitating data collection and evaluation


  • Grant writing to support improved community health and active transportation.
  • Conducting policy assessments focusing on topics such as Complete Streets, infrastructure, health impact, transportation planning, strategic and long range planning, shared use, school siting, school wellness policies, and school travel plans
  • Identifying existing policies that need to be strengthened or enforced, as well as recommending and drafting policies that could be implemented
  • Developing materials and action plans for grant applications and helping leverage additional funding for programs and infrastructure

Inspiring Change!

Here are a few examples of the work that we do:

  • We provide leadership and policy advocacy training to inspire and activate local leaders. Working with neighborhood group members and community partners, we have established a community Traffic Taming Task Force.
  • We facilitate the Safe & Active Genesee for Everyone Coalition. Together we have successfully advocated for the adoption of a Complete Streets resolution in seven communities.
  • In Flint, MI, we provided support to city planners in the development of Complete Streets ordinance language that has been integrated into the city’s draft zoning code.
  • In the Flint Community School district, we have worked with Safe Routes to School teams to successfully apply for over $1 million in federal Safe Routes to School funding to install and repair sidewalks, crosswalks, pedestrian signals and lighting.

We look forward to working with you.

Theresa Roach
Active Communities Director

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