Rawlan Lillard II
Community School Director,
Neithercut Elementary School (K-6)
2010 Crestbrook Lane, Flint, Michigan 48507
Phone: 810-238-6228 | Email: rlillard@crim.org

Rawlan Lillard II attended Wiley College and received his bachelor’s in Business Administration. He has 30 years of working with and for our youth.

His previous experiences include: Baker College, GMI/Kettering, Mott Workforce Development and Job Corps. As the Community School Director, he is responsible for establishing Neithercut Elementary School as the community hub. One of Rawlan’s missions is to bring in a plethora of community partners to Neithercut to offer a range of services and resources to support children, families, and community members. His goals as the Community School Director are as followed: increase attendance, increase 3rd-grade literacy, to have an impact on the community he serves, and to increase graduation rates. His purpose in life is to love, serve, and support others in their life’s quest.

Community Health Worker

Do you have difficulty getting yourself or your child(ren) to a doctor’s appointment? Does your child(ren) have asthma, diabetes, or any other chronic illness? We are here to help, contact your Community Health Worker today!

Julie Robb
810-339-6394 ext. 238