Tips For Running In Cold Weather

Biggest advice on trying to get out the door when it’s really cold in the Michigan winter is to try to get social. It creates accountability. Your friends are out there, how come you’re not out there? They’ll help push you. And make sure that you’re showing up, and you’re getting the miles in. That’s sometimes the hardest part, just absolutely getting started. If they can get you to show up at a run store, a group run, or one of the local organizations on their Tuesday or Thursday group run and once the weather breaks, you’ll be in good shape. Some of the important pieces you want, especially during this time in Michigan, you want good shoes, good footwear. Maybe you slip easily on the ice, so you want some kind of traction aid or just use more of a trail shoe, depending on the conditions. You want to layer. Not layering like a cotton sweatshirt that’s nice and comfy but you want more technical gear that’s going to wick away that moisture, so you won’t chafe and it will also keep you dryer and warmer.