How To Warm Up For A Run Or Walk

Whether your warmup is just gentle stretching or lunges, something that gets you prepped for the movement you’ll be doing for running, because throughout our daily lives most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to be physically active and keeping things in check that you need to use running out there on the roads. I really advocate doing some type of dynamic warm up just to get some things primed, let your brain know what you’re about to get up to so you’re not surprising it. I’m also a really big fan of strides. Try to treat these things as you would as a kid. Playing in a field – really allowing yourself to move with a little bit more speed with a shorter period of time, can be twenty yards if you want. Something that allows you to use that fuller range of motion, that wakes up some of those neural pathways from the brain to the muscles that its recruiting. Then you’ll be able to use those muscles when you’re doing your steady run and your endurance is based off of these.