How To Set The Right Pace For A Run

A good way to know that you are at the right pace for a steady run or an easy run is to make sure that if you are running with someone you should be able to have a conversation with them. That conversation, the ability to hold it, signifies that you are in a good heart rate zone, you’re not working too hard to maintain that. You should be able to sustain that for a long period of time, so whether your goal is 20, 30 minutes, 10 minutes, you’ll be able to confidently hold that pace as long as you can keep that conversation and then recover from it fairly well. It’s pretty easy to go out a give it your all, hammer all the way home, be out of breath. But it might be harder to get out the door the next day. If your goal is to make it a consistent habit, keep in that conversational pace, even if you have to take walk breaks to get there, is a good way to make sure you get out the door everyday and get your goals in.