How To Recover After A Run

The number one thing when starting the running habit / getting to the next level is REST. You definitely want to get your sleep in. It sounds simple, but it’s one of the most overlooked things.

EATING RIGHT – Prep things up with carbs. They’re definitely a friend if you’re a runner.

Make sure you are getting some beforehand, so that you are properly fueled. Make sure you’re getting Protein Afterward. Make sure to get that recovery for the muscles. There are some myths out there that if you’re a body builder you need a lot more protein than say a skinny endurance runner. If you’re running around, you are doing a lot of things that are stressing the muscles so that you are able to adapt to the activity that you are doing and that requires a lot of protein. Making sure you are getting a varied level of protein throughout your diet. Especially in the window right after a workout or a run.