How To Get Started Running Or Walking

This first thing would be getting a goal. What do you want to do? Is it that first 5K? Is it going for a marathon? Setting a realistic goal for yourself that you can obtain but also is going to challenge you. Tools for accomplishing a goal – one of the big things is get social. Join a group. There’s a lot of groups that train together and that’s one of the big keys to staying motivated is not training in a bubble all by yourself, but get out there and find out what other people are doing, have other people push you, that’s one of the main things. Being a run- speciality store owner, I can attest to the fact that people don’t always know what type of gear that they need. We always have a funny saying that “cotton is rotten”. Well, must people don’t know that they shouldn’t be running in cotton socks. That can increase blisters. So, having a nice marina-wool or a poly blend sock can reduce that. That’s the kind of customer service and information that we can give customers as they come in. They could be running in the wrong shoe. All shoes aren’t created equal.The stuff that you might see on a shelf at Kohls might not be that good-quality shoe that you need, it might not give you the right quality support, it might not give you the right amount of cushion. Get educated on what the different types of shoes are, and what the materials do.