Advice For When You’re Just Starting Out

It’s really important as a beginning to try and figure out what your main goals are in terms of the habits that you’ll be performing. One of the first things I’ll ask is “How many days do you want to run, in an ideal world, of the week? How long do you want to build up to?” Say your goals are around four times a week. My biggest tip is to things in a way that you are not overdoing it on any one day so that you can get out the door that second and third time. A lot of times that means that if you’re starting up and you’re having trouble finding a pace that you can sustain for whatever your goal is, whether it’s 30 minutes, or 45 or just 10-20 minutes, add a walk break in there. Get a chance for your heart rate to come down. Anything that allows it to be more maintainable over the course of the run, it’s easier to recover from, and thus more maintainable in getting to that habit of achieving your goals. Those that heir on the side of the conservative things, they really have a surprising learning curve in terms of things really snowballing and picking up speed and doing things that you might not even think you are capable of just by doing a little bit at a time but in a very consistent way.