Using Mindfulness In The Workplace

Hi, I’m Theresa, and I am the Active Communities Manager at the Crim Fitness Foundation. I have found mindfulness to be extremely helpful in both my professional and my personal life. In my professional life, I do a lot of community engagement, a lot of neighborhood work. We do a lot of working with residents who are dealing with trauma, who are dealing with environmental issues, policy, mistrust. So it has been really useful for me to be able to just kind of slow down. So, for example, if I am working with somebody and they are really focusing on, “well, it use to be this way.” Or, “well, they did this” and “how come they won’t change that?”, I am able to really kind of slow down, listen to what they are saying and kind of basically validate what they are telling me and letting them know it’s okay to have those feelings and then help them sort through those and then start going towards some mindful solutions to policy, systems, environment change, how do we improve the neighborhood, how do we accept things as they are and then start to build on that and make some changes. And these things really translate into all kind of areas of my life, even my personal life, so it’s been really, really helpful. I was kind of skeptical before, so I am really loving it. And it doesn’t always have to be “sit down and meditate”. It can be just “take a deep breath, be more aware, think something out loud” and say to yourself, “oh wait, am I taking this personal? Am I doing this …?”, a way for you to slow down, think about things and be more intentional. So, I’ve been really happy to have Mindfulness here.