CrimFit Business

CrimFit Business is a new program specially designed for small to mid-sized businesses who want to help their employees stay healthy and productive. Harnessing the best of the Crim, CrimFit Business provides employees with fun and effective ways to incorporate healthy habits into their everyday lives--and have the chance to participate for FREE in Crim events. Businesses who encourage their employees to eat better, move more and reduce stress can enjoy the benefits of a healthier workforce, including lowered healthcare costs and improved productivity.

CrimFit Business members also receive a number of great benefits, including shirts, plaques and door decals, that demonstrate to the public that your organization actively values, supports and promotes healthy living practices.

When you become a CrimFit Business member, you’re not only helping create a healthier workplace, but you’re helping make the community healthier at the same time by supporting the Crim’s work with adults and children.

Benefits of Implementing Wellness Programs For Employees

Implementation of wellness programs correlates with higher employee morale and has the potential to strengthen an organization’s culture and to build employee pride, trust, and commitment. In addition to leading to improved productivity in the workplace, employee wellness programs involving employee participation in physical activity and healthy eating foster a positive correlation with increased employee morale and job retention.

Employee wellness programs are also a positive mechanism for employee retention and increased morale. A meta-analysis in 2012 found that participants in workplace health promotion programs had about 25% lower medical and absenteeism expenditures than non-participant.


Commitment: $2,500/year for two years
($5,000 total commitment)


Commitment: $5,000/year for two years
($10,000 total commitment)


Commitment: $8,000/year for two years
($16,000 total commitment)

All CrimFit Business memberships are payable in convenient monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual installments and tax-deductible, as allowed by law.