Our Story

Our Story

If you, a family member or friend, have ever had a health issue, you know that that challenge affects everything you do. Life is no longer the same. And if you take that challenge and multiply it by an entire community, the impact is enormous. And that is what we are dealing with here in Flint and Genesee County. Obesity, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity, and of course, the after effects of the water crisis, place Flint and Genesee County at the bottom of state health rankings. The costs to us as individuals and as a community are enormous. Children who are not healthy have a harder time learning and performing at school and an unhealthy workforce costs employers millions of dollars each year. And it makes it harder to attract new people and businesses to an area.

The good news is that there are things we can and are doing right now to combat all of these challenges. And in the forefront of the charge to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and of the entire community, is the Crim Fitness Foundation. The programs, events and activities that the Crim provides are the very interventions that are necessary and imperative for improving the health and vibrancy of our community.

The Crim is, of course, known for its HAP Crim Festival of Races with its more than 40 year history and the CrimFit Adult Training Program--the cornerstones of our organization. And there is more--much more--that the organization is doing.

In the pages of this website, you can see that the Crim reaches all areas of the community, providing supports for kids and families through the Community Education Initiative in partnership with the Flint Community Schools. There are sports programs for kids, running clubs and races. Nutrition education programs give not only kids, but adults as well, information, tools and support to help encourage healthier eating. Community gardens abound at every Flint Community School. And Mindfulness programs for kids and adults, among the most innovative in the nation, help give us all tools to manage the stress that comes from living in a challenging environment, or in dealing with everyday life.

As with any large endeavor, it takes all of us to make good things happen. We can’t do this alone! It includes making the decision to include healthy behaviors in your own life--and a decision to support the work of the Crim.

We receive the largest share of our funding from grants, but we must raise more than $500,000 each year to cover the gaps that those grants don’t cover. That funding provides critical support that allows us to continue to innovate and respond to the needs all around us. Your donation allows us to:

  • continue to create innovative Mindfulness programs for children--and busy working people
  • make after-school sports available to every child in Genesee County
  • maintain thriving community gardens at every Flint school, providing nutrition lessons for kids and produce for those living in food deserts
  • provide yoga and fitness classes for those living in Flint neighborhoods
  • help those who deal with the challenges of living on a limited income learn how to incorporate healthy foods into their family’s daily diets
  • continue to reach into every part of our community with running and walking programs that change people’s lives.

Please be part of the change and support the Crim today. There are many ways that you can support:

By joining the Crim family of supporters, you’ll know that you’ve played your part and you have made a direct and meaningful difference in the life of someone right here where you live, work and play. Your tax-deductible contribution will help make our whole community a bit better, brighter and healthier.

Thank you!