Seeing Flint At Its Best – Running The Crim 10 Mile

Larry Lawrence has run the Crim 10 Mile Race every year, except for the inaugural run in 1977. He moved back to the Flint area from Chicago in the Crim’s first year. At that time, his college roommate challenged him to run this race with him. He replied that he had never run a road race before; and that anyone who ran more than 100 yards must be crazy. Having been a hurdler and offensive lineman at Davison High School, he decided to skip this event.

The following year, 1978 – his roommate applied more pressure, so he decided to run the 10 Mile race. He had only been playing racquetball since college, so to prepare, he began to run – two weeks before the run. He ultimately finished it in 1:10:52.

Since then, he has participated in every Crim 10 Mile Race, keeping his pace between 7:00 and 7:59 through 2003. Larry’s PR was in 1982 at 1:03:07. This all occurred while building his career, raising his family, a work assignment in Juarez Mexico, numerous family weddings, and ultimately getting his daughters ready for college moves – ALWAYS occurring in August! He also underwent three separate abdominal surgeries, and actually ran one year with an ostomy bag. Through all of these events, he kept his string of Crim Races alive. Larry noted, “I can’t thank my awesome Crim Running Group RT-31 for their amazing support and encouragement as I recovered from these procedures.”.

Running the lengthy string of Crim races over the last decades has required him to stay in shape, introduced him to a life sport, and blessed him with scores of friends. He has also been able to pass on his love of running to his daughters – pictured here at the Crim finish line in 2016.

“Despite my slower finish times, I continue to get out there each year – rejoin my pals in RT-31; cheer on our Special Olympians, and see Flint at its very best. And this is why I have not missed a Crim race since 1978,” said Larry.