We envision Genesee County as a safe and active community with equitable access to opportunity.


Our mission is to advocate for and support policy, systems and environment change that creates equitable access to safe opportunities to be physically active throughout Flint and Genesee County.


At the Crim Fitness Foundation, we recognize that health is influenced by many factors. Everything from whether you own a bike to the number of working street lights in your neighborhood can shape your health and wellness opportunities. That is why the Crim’s Active Communities team works to create safe, healthy and equitable communities through long term interventions of policy, systems and environment change.

The Active Communities team major projects and activities include:

  • Convene and facilitate Safe & Active Genesee for Everyone
  • Creating Safe Routes to School for all of Flint & Genesee County youth
  • Train residents how to support and implement policy, systems and environmental change that promote health and wellness
  • Assist neighborhood groups in activating parks and public spaces
  • Provide Policy, Systems & Environmental Design Recommendations for neighborhood associations, local government, neighborhood centers and other community based organizations
  • Serve on the Genesee County long range plan steering committee
  • Educate elected officials on Complete Streets
  • Encourage health to be considered in all policies