Suggested Routes

IMPORTANT: Please Avoid the Crim Courses

We can’t stress this enough: the traditional Crim “Blue Line” 10 Mile course and other Crim race courses should NOT be used for your HAP Virtual Crim route. THERE WILL BE NO TRAFFIC BLOCKING, WATER, FOOD, BATHROOMS OR ANY OTHER SUPPORT along the route or in Downtown Flint at any time during the 10 Days of Crim. We also ask that you avoid joining any gatherings of people over 100 before and after your event, per the most recent State of Michigan orders.

Suggested Routes ​presented by Meijer  ​

A key part of your HAP Virtual Crim Experience is choosing a route that provides the right amount of challenge and fun along the way. It’s up to you where you go: you can stick with a tried-and-true route that you know well, or try something new. Whether you’re on the road, a paved trail, or a singletrack in the woods, we can’t wait to hear about your experience!

We’ve been collecting favorite routes from our running and walking friends, and you’ll find links to suggested courses around Flint and throughout Michigan listed below.

Planning Your Own Route

The options are truly limitless as for what course you choose for your HAP Virtual Crim. Here are some factors to consider as you create the best experience for you:

  • Same/very close Start & Finish location
  • Parking availability if you’re driving to your course
  • Restroom availability at start/finish/along the route
  • Traffic safety: density and speed of vehicles, number of intersections, sidewalk/shoulder/trail availability, etc.
  • Hydration/nutrition (stores to purchase along the route, safe places to drop bottles, etc.)
  • Cheer/support station accessibility: if anyone plans to come out and cheer you on, identify spots for them to safely park and wait for you
  • Terrain features you like (hilly/flat, paved/gravel/trail, urban/rural/woods, etc.)
  • Type (out and back, loop; avoid point-to-point unless you’re heading to a destination or have people waiting for you)
  • Incorporation of non-motorized pathways
  • Scenery or other features to appreciate along the route

Mapping Your Route

Looking for a way to map your route and know you’ve done the right distance? Here are a few suggested sites/apps that we like to use when planning our own routes:

If you are trying out a new route on unfamiliar roads or trails, we strongly recommend you drive or bike it ahead of time, to make sure you’re aware of the terrain, traffic density, road/sidewalk/trail quality, scenery and other safety factors.