Crim Merchandise



We are proud to partner with GoodBoy Clothes for this year’s Crim merchandise!



A Note from GoodBoy:

This is more than a garment. This is a step towards the making of a new city. GoodBoy’s vision is to craft and produce quality merchandise in Flint and for national distribution using a “Shop-to-Shelf” production model. All of our products meet the highest ethical and quality standards, far and above industry norms.

Our products are either US-made, certified sweatshop free, or made right in our shop in Flint, MI. This means that you can purchase with confidence knowing that the steps of design and production have been handled with care and high stewardship and that your investment is in clothing you can trust and the pursuit of Flint’s exciting future.

I G N I T E   Y O U R   I N N E R   C H A M P I O N

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