Crim Ambassadors

Be a Crim Ambassador!

Description: Crim Ambassadors are excited to share the inspirational experience they have had as Crim participants, helping spread the word about the event to friends and others throughout their network. Ambassadors are active in their local running and walking communities – both online and in person – and are able to tell their story to encourage other people to participate in the Crim.


  • Increase registration in specific geographic regions and among specific demographics
  • Increase the Crim’s engagement in communities throughout the region and beyond, using word of mouth and the real-life experiences of participants
  • Share the story of the Crim to those who don’t know about it
  • Encourage people who have never participated to come to the Crim

Requirements- To be a Race Ambassador, you must:

  • Have participated in the HAP Crim Festival of Races (any distance)
  • Have basic knowledge of the Crim
  • Have a strong and active social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, etc) and post about the Crim in a positive way with individuals and groups
  • Wear Crim gear, and be able to speak positively about the Crim at other races/events
  • Be Available to volunteer at the Crim Expo as a greeter prior to the race

Qualities in Ambassadors – We’re looking for people who:

  • Run or walk at least 2 other medium-large sized races during the year
  • Have good Crim experiences and stories to share
  • Live in various locations throughout Michigan and out of state. Target areas include but aren’t limited to:

    • Detroit/Southeast MI
    • Grand Rapids
    • Kalamazoo
    • Ohio metro areas
    • Bay City/Saginaw
    • Chicago
    • Lansing
    • Ontario metro areas
  • Actively participate in running/walking/athletic social media groups, pages, blogs, and other online communities


  • Become familiar with basic Crim race details as well as a small amount about the Crim Fitness Foundation’s year-round work (the Crim will provide all details)
  • Post on social media a minimum of 3-4 times per month about the Crim to relevant personal networks
  • Share posts from Crim Races and Events Facebook and Instagram accounts with personal networks
  • Wear Crim gear to other races leading up to the Crim
  • Volunteer at least one shift as a greeter at the Commit to Fit Health and Fitness Expo
  • Get at least 10 (maybe more?) registrations using personal promo code
  • Represent the Crim in a positive way

Ambassador Benefits:

  • Free race registration (no expectation of service during the actual race)
  • Promo shirt to wear at events and other races
  • Ambassador volunteer shirt to wear during the Crim expo
  • “Business Cards” with personal promo code ($5 off) to give to people thinking about doing the Crim
    • Additional incentives for whoever has the most people sign up
  • A promo code to give to 2 first time Crim participants for 50% off
  • Access to the VIP Tent on Race Day
  • Other Crim Swag
  • Opportunity for Ambassadors coming from more than two hours away to stay at the Riverfront Residence Hall, located right at the Start line