2017 10-Mile Pacers

For the fifth straight year, the 2017 HAP Crim Festival of Races is proud to offer Pace Teams for the 10-mile race.  If you are running the 10-mile with a goal time in mind, the experienced runners listed below will help you achieve that goal!  From 6:30/mile to 12:30/mile, these runners will encourage, offer advice, and cheer you on to the finish line while running with supreme consistency.

You will see these pacers during in the start line area with brightly colored shirts and holding large visible signs.  Feel free to introduce yourself, and jump in a pace group at any time during the race.  The pacers will run a steady pace, while notifying you of upcoming turns, water stations, and even the Bradley Hills.  The greatest benefit of running with these pacers is that there are tons of other runners that share the same goal as you!

6:30/mile – Kenny Wall and Lamar Barber
7:00/mile – Jimmy Dunn and Clarence Johnson
7:30/mile – Jeff Wolgast and Nick Coccia
8:00/mile – Christina Wolgast and Mark Harbour
8:30/mile – Jeannie Zuck and Brian Montpas
9:00/mile – Chris Thompson and Dan Edwards
9:30/mile – Ed Childress and John Ranville
10:00/mile – Lori Stewart and Emily Bard
10:30/mile – Tom Zuck and Jim Wood
11:00/mile – Robin Hoeffel and Sam Wice
11:30/mile – Calvin Higgins and Suzy Olsen
12:00/mile – Jeanne Dunegan and Brenna Wheeler
12:30/mile – Toni Reese and Kim Kerns