Nutrition can make a good athlete great or a great athlete good.  This can be said for many groups, not just athletes – such as employees in a business or students in a school.  A well-balanced diet may help a person stay energized, fit, increase attention span and improve comprehension.

Focusing on the Flint Community Schools, the Crim Fitness Foundation’s staff of Nutrition Coordinators and service members provides a holistic, comprehensive approach to nutrition education.

PE-Nut: Physical Education and Nutrition Working Together

  • A USDA SNAP-Ed funded program in partnership with the Michigan Nutrition Network
  • Provides nutrition education to students in Kindergarten, second and fourth grades
  • Offers nutrition reinforcing physical activities to students in all grades through physical education
  • Utilizes the USDA MyPlate to reinforce energy balance through increased consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Offers Cooking Matters at the Store, a grocery store tour, to parents to teach money-saving skills and dispel the myth that healthy foods are too expensive


  • The Crim is the host site to 2 FoodCorps Service members
  • This national service program exposes youth to real food, how it is grown and where it comes from through their three pillar: knowledge, access and engagement
  • Students participate in school based gardens in 6 elementary schools in Flint
  • Service members act as a resource to schools who may not have a school garden, but would like to start one

If you are interested in learning more about the nutrition programs offered by the Crim or FoodCorps, please contact Program Manager Sharon Davenport at or 810-600-5817.