The Crim Fitness Foundation feels a strong responsibility to help educate and guide families of Genesee County to adopt healthy behaviors and to inspire our children to make better nutritional choices and get active!

The CrimFit Youth Program is our community’s response to confronting the growing epidemic of childhood obesity.  The Program was developed with every child in mind, regardless of fitness level or economic status.  Before, during, after-school, in your neighborhood, and at community events this best-practice program works to get children healthier and more active!  We are dedicated to making healthier communities through education, motivation, and the creation of opportunities for our children to be physically active in a safe environment.

The CrimFit Youth Program provides a variety of program options for children ages 0-18.  These options include:

  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness
  • Gardening
  • School/Organization Fundraisers
  • Children’s Events
  • Training/Professional Development