5th Grade - High School Playbooks

It is with great excitement that our CrimFit Sports Program at the Crim Fitness Foundation is able to provide you and your child with our CrimFit Active Kit and CrimFit Playbooks. Our team has put together a great virtual program to promote physical activity and sports skills during the pandemic.

In the CrimFit Active Kit you will find a variety of different equipment items for your child to utilize to stay physically active and work on skills and drills for specific sports areas. Each item in the kit has multiple uses and can be lots of fun! If you have not received an Active Kit, please reach out to our sports team at crimfitsports@crim.org.

The CrimFit Playbook is broken down into 5 different sections: Warm Up, Activities/Skills/Drills, Cool Down, Mindfulness in Sports and Nutrition in Sports. These will be online playbooks for parents and students to use for sports and physical activity with a description of the activity as well as a link to online video demonstrations.

Click the icons below to view the CrimFit playbooks.