Of All The Partners In Community Education, Parents Rank Number 1 At Brownell STEM Academy

Brownell STEM Community School Director, Marlando Wade, and his team of partners are able to continually expand activities to meet the needs of the school community. Community Education has been able to not only offer youth incredible after-school programs such as YouthQuest, flag football, cheerleading, karate, nature club, science club, and robotics; but also many activities for parents to partake in.

Brownell STEM Academy (K-2), kicked off the school year with an open house focused on parent engagement. The open house served to connect parents to the resources of the school and explained opportunities for parents involvement at the building. At the open house, parents were made aware of the incredible resources within the building. Through educating parents on the resources of the building, Community Education at Brownell has seen an increase in the use of the resources. Parents have utilized the Community Closet at the school. The Community Closet gives parents access to hygiene products and school uniforms for their students. While visiting the Community Closet parents are able to connect with the school’s full-time Community Health Worker through Genesee Health Plan. The Community Health Worker, Regina Young, is able to connect parents to health insurance right at the building. This resource is available to all community members connected with the building.

Parents are also able to take part in a number of parent-specific activities at the building. The school offers parent meetings once a month at 2 different times for parent convenience. Ms. Byas, Brownell's Principal, hosts coffee with parents once a month in order to deepen conversations with parents surrounding student success. Community Education in partnership with the school and Involved Dad are making strides to increase father engagement in the building.

Through the support of the CS Mott Foundation, Community Education has partnered with Involved Dad. Involved Dad is a non-profit organization based out of Flint, Mi focused on empowering fathers to be actively involved in their child’s life. Involved Dad will be hosting monthly parent time activities with fathers to work to eliminate barriers for fathers to be active role models in their child’s life. The activity is called “Gentleman's Pride.” This fall the activities solely focus on father engagement and education, but in the winter and spring, the activities will expand to include activities for fathers and students together. This work is done in collaboration with the Flint and Genesee Literacy Network’s Family Literacy strategy.