Food Corps

Food Corps

FoodCorps is a National Service program that connects kids to healthy food in schools so they can lead healthier lives and reach their full potential. Service members deliver programming in schools focusing on hands-on lessons, healthy school meals and a school-wide culture of health.

FoodCorps service members have encouraged healthy and nutritious decisions in the Flint Community Schools for the past 9 years. The Crim Fitness Foundation currently hosts 4 FoodCorps service members who each serve in two Flint Community Schools Elementary Schools for 11.5 month terms.

FoodCorps service members teach hands-on garden-based lessons, sharing with students how fruits and vegetables get from the ground to their plates. They also work within school cafeterias to steer students towards healthier options and get them excited about trying new healthy foods. Service members help the whole school community by sharing food grown in the gardens, creating community garden clubs, attending school and community events.

Volunteers are always welcome in the school gardens!
Contact Kelly McClelland, Program Manager and FoodCorps Site Supervisor, at or 810-201-8507 for more information.

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