CrimFit Nutrition Program

The Crim Fitness Foundation works with children and adults in a variety of settings in the Flint community to teach them the importance of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains and lean protein.

Healthy Recipes

For the month of May, the Crim Nutrition Team is highlighting healthy recipes using corn as the primary ingredient.

Click below to see a few new healthy recipes to try at home!

FoodCorp Highlight

Psalm Bingham has been at the Crim 4 years in total, 3 being a Nutrition Coordinator. In May 2017, I did a PEA for Potter Elementary. A lot of first time parents came up to my tasting table in the interest of a trying the Honey Ginger Fruit Salad.  I had one particular parent who told me she doesn’t like fruit and hates to eat it because of the taste and texture. However, she did try the recipe and really enjoyed it!  She proceeded to talk about how she had really bad arthritis and how hard it is for her to do basic everyday things, such as opening a cabinet. She said that she would try this recipe because maybe she was lacking something in her diet.  A month later I saw this same participant at another tasting table. She said that eating fruit changed her life so much. She said by improving her diet, her doctor said her arthritis has improved tremendously. She continued saying, “thank you for having these resources, the tips you have on your table help me out so much and I enjoy the recipes!”. Psalm is currently at Neithercut and Potter for Nutrition Education and also serves and an Up2Us Coach at Holmes.

Tip of the Month

This article looked at how offering nutrition education from a farmer market basis would affect participants. Those who attended two or more classes increased their fruit and vegetable consumption. Even attending just one class associated positive reactions towards consuming more fruits and vegetables. This is why we offer Cooking Demonstration at the Flint Farmers Market.