CrimFit Nutrition Program

The Crim Fitness Foundation works with children and adults in a variety of settings in the Flint community to teach them the importance of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains and lean protein.

Healthy Recipes

For the month of July, the Crim Nutrition Team is highlighting healthy summertime recipes.

Click below to see a few new healthy recipes to try at home!

Featured Staff Member

Chandra Brown is in her second year at the Crim Fitness Foundation. Her first year she served as a FoodCorp service member from 2016 - 2017. She found her way back to the Crim in December of 2018 as a Nutrition Program Coordinator for Pierce, Durant Tuuri Mott and Genesee Stem Academy. She has a lot of favorite moments from her programming. One particular moment was after completing a lesson and sitting in front of the class to do our recap. One of the points we were to take away for the day, a student raised their hand and told her to ask them how much would they rate her. She jokingly said, “No you guys might hurt my feelings.” The student replied, "No we won't; you know how much I'd give you? On a scale of 1-10...a 10!" Then another student yelled out "I'd give you a 1000", then another yelled out "I'd give you a one trillion"! That moment was touching in the sense that she knew that they not only understood the lesson points for the day but that they had thoroughly enjoyed it! It challenges her to make sure all the lessons are enjoyable, reaching and informative for her students!

Tip of the Month

By January 2020, all food labels will have a new look! These new labels are designed to easily pick out nutrition information for consumers to make healthier choices easier. Serving sizes are in a bold print, calories are in a larger text to find easier, added sugars are now available to find, nutrient changes, and daily values are both updated. Click below to read the full article or stop by our next Cooking Matters at the Store Tour to learn about food labels!