New Resiliency Offerings: Understanding Trauma and Fostering Resilience

As a Mindful City, it is imperative that we connect around this topic of ACES (Adverse Childhood Experience), toxic stress, and resilience to create a universal understanding of how we can come together to create a more mindful and resilient Flint. The Crim will be hosting Community Lunch and Learns and documentary screenings for those currently supporting this work or interested in learning more. The lunch and learn will be hosted at the Crim Fitness Foundation and led by ACE Master Trainer and Crim Mindfulness Resiliency Lead, Elizabeth Wise. The presentation will cover the science behind toxic stress, the ACES study, resiliency, and some practical steps everyone can take to support healthy individual and community resiliency.  Additionally, there will be an opportunity to view the documentary Broken Places. Filmmaker Roger Weisberg begins to examine why some children have such lasting and permanent negative effects of early adversity while others who have experienced adversity continue to thrive. His film follows several stories of children and families over a decade. This time lapsed perspective gives us a unique view of how these childhood experiences shaped these individuals as adults. Commentary from leading experts in neurobiology and childhood development are woven throughout the film.


To register for the lunch and learn or the documentary screening, please visit:

ACEs Lunch & Learn

“I attended the ACEs presentation and have found it incredibly helpful in my work as a Community School Director. I have incorporated ACEs into Community Education and use it daily. The ACEs framework is an accessible tool to explain childhood trauma, toxic stress, trauma-informed approaches and even the effects of the water crisis to school staff and community members.”

-Kyle Peppin, Community School Director, Pierce Elementary

Broken Places Documentary Screening