Molly Katic Doesn’t Let Cerebral Palsy Slow Her Down

Molly Katic is a cheerful 10 year old girl. She loves creating art, making jewelry, playing soccer and running in the Big Orange Runners, one of the Crim’s youth Summer Running Clubs.

Molly also has cerebral palsy. For Jill and Todd, long time Crim participants, continuing the tradition of running with their children was not only a healthy family activity, but it had the added benefit of helping Molly manage her cerebral palsy spastic diplegia, which causes the muscles in her lower limbs to tighten, contract and shorten. Running acts as a form of physical therapy, stretching her muscles and keeping her active.“It’s important for everyone to be active and stay healthy, but I think it’s even more important for people with CP (cerebral palsy), because you can lose your range of motion and lose the ability to do simple things like touch your toes,” said Jill Katic. “And running is a way that we can all be active together.”For the last three years Molly and her two brothers, Gavin and Nathan, have been participating in the Crim’s Summer Running Clubs. They also participate in their school running program, which is coached by their father, Todd.“I have to be careful about how I run. I fall a lot, but I just get back up and try again. It’s not easy, but if I want to do something I’ll find a way,” said Molly.

You Can Do It, Too!

Although programming may be a little different this year, we are excited to still be able to provide our youth in the community with our free Summer Running Clubs virtually. By registering to participate in the 1st Ever Virtual Summer Running Clubs Program, you are supporting the important programming that the Crim Fitness Foundation offers all year round throughout Genesee County. Get your child or family member signed up today.