Mindfulness In Sports

Doyle-Ryder’s Boys Basketball team will be participating in a pilot-program to integrate mindfulness into their practices. Mindfulness is the moment between stimulus and reaction; in this small moment where we determine what that reaction will be. Through harnessing this moment, the mindfulness pilot aims to guide young athletes to act in a controlled and purposeful manner both on the court and in their daily life. Sports are important to the culture of Doyle-Ryder, where aiming higher is their motto each day. The pilot is an initiative of the Crim’s Mindfulness Department, the Flint Community Sports Program, and the Community Education Initiative.

The pilot will look a bit like this: Over the next 5 weeks, the boys basketball team (with the help of mindfulness staff, Canisha Norris) will engage in normal basketball practice while integrating mindfulness into the practice. Players may utilize mindfulness lessons in taking a free throw, or in their pre-practice warm ups. Ms. Norris will work with Coach (Tirrel) Hudson to develop ways to further integrate mindfulness in his practice plans. The Community Education Initiative sees this as a perfect time to begin this work with George Mumford visiting the school’s football team just weeks ago.

The Mindfulness Pilot within the Flint Community Sports Program is a step for the Crim Fitness Foundation in taking a holistic approach to how the Crim does youth sports. Lessons learned within the next 5 weeks of basketball will be used in creating a curriculum for coaches in the K-6th grade sports fundamentals program. The Flint Community Sports Program impacts over 1000 students each school year. The program is only offered within Community Education Schools and is led by the Crim Fitness Foundation.