Mindfulness — Building Resilience in Rankin Elementary Students

Each morning, students at Rankin fill up their classrooms, chatting, laughing and still buzzing from their morning routine from home to school. Once they are settled in, they are led through a school-wide Mindful Moment, centering them and preparing them for a productive, peaceful day at school.

Since instituting the Crim Mindfulness Initiative, Rankin Elementary has celebrated a considerable drop in behavioral referrals, and many people, including the Carman Ainsworth Superintendent Eddie Kindle, are commenting about the feeling of peace and calm that exists in the building, said Principal Laura Garrison.

Laura first learned about mindfulness as a teacher. She said, “When I was a teacher, Tom Hauer, a Crim team member, came to my classes. I saw a difference in student behavior and their ability to focus during lessons. Then, as the chair of our Positive Behavior Support Committee, our data showed a significant drop in behavior referrals as more teachers got on board with this and students were given strategies to use when they became frustrated.”

Now as Principal, Laura has continued to see great benefit from the practice of mindfulness and yoga for her students and her staff, helping them calm and center. Classroom teachers support the Crim Mindfulness Initiative with additional lessons in the classroom with curricula such as Inner Explorer and Yoga Ed. Eric Keskes, the PE teacher at Rankin leads yoga with his students up to 3 times a week in the gym.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this video which features Principal Laura Garrison, first grade teacher Nicole Lynch, and Crim Mindfulness Program Manager, Tom Hauer talking about their amazing journey with mindfulness. The Crim Mindfulness Initiative, which aims to equip students and educators with mindfulness tools to build resilience in the face of adversity, has evolved into an important and in-demand program. But as that demand grows, it outpaces existing resources. So we welcome your support.