Inspiring Others With The Crim Training Program

Though North-Flint native Ashley Strozier is in her third year as a Flint Community Training Program leader, she hasn’t always been a runner. She always had the itch to do the Crim but admits her first attempt wasn’t well planned. She said with a laugh, “I was at a pivotal point in my life, and I needed a challenge that put me out on-the-edge. For my first Crim, I woke up on race day and registered. I walked the whole thing with no training and was probably the last person across the finish. I was sore for two weeks!”

However, seeing the energy of the Crim on race day made her a believer; she vowed to do her next Crim the right way. Nearly ten years later, Ashley has finished a number of Crim events and now leads a team of nearly 20 other runners and walkers, including the principal and Community School Director where she works at Brownell-Holmes STEM Academy. She’s also managed to keep her “original crew” together, even paying her teammates’ registration fees in times when they couldn’t afford it. Her favorite part about being a Flint Community Training Program leader is inspiring others to try something they didn’t think possible.

Ashley says her life has come back “full circle” – she now lives, works, volunteers, and inspires others in the very neighborhood where she grew up. An attendee of Holmes middle school and a Flint Northern alumna, she is approaching a decade working in education, supporting Flint kids, and is now raising her own three children in Flint. She uses her close ties with the Crim’s Community Education Initiative and neighborhood groups to inspire others to live a lifestyle of fitness, always looking for the next member of her team.