Flint’s Kevelin Jones To Speak At Mindfulness Education Summit

Flint Community School’s Principal Kevelin Jones is one of 25 selected speakers from around the world selected to present at an upcoming Mindful Education Summit. This summit is available for everyone to attend for free online at 8 pm on October 16th and October 20th, 2019. Click Here For Mindfulness Education Summit

Kevelin B. Jones II has been an educator and motivational speaker for 15 years. With a master’s degree in educational leadership, he’s served in the capacity of principal for the past 8 years.  As an educator, he’s been a part of two turn-around schools who’ve made great strides in literacy and math, also highlighted in the Detroit free press for outstanding reading gains. He’s recently received an award of achievement called the “Putting Students First Award” from Flint Community Schools, and believes nothing is more important as a leader than building relational capacity with colleagues, parents, and scholars! Relational capacity, mindful leadership, strong but shared leadership, will lead to excellence and a positive climate and culture in our society, and we must nurture and produce well-rounded individuals, giving our scholars more than just a focus on one area of education. Scholars in his care experience a well-rounded education inspired by love and compassion. Quotes he lives by are; “Nothing is impossible if we stand together!” “Whatever it takes, we will succeed!” “No one cares what you know, until they know you care!” As a leader, he states often, “My goal is OUR success!” His passions are family, education, and music, to which he’d say he’s proud to have a son who experienced a Broadway tour in the U.S. production of “The Bodyguard the musical.”, and proud to have donated a kidney to his father in a time of great need, just to name a few. He’s happily married to his wife of 19 years, Tanisha, and blessed to have three gifted children, Alicea, Kevelin III, and Charles. As a musician for over 30 years with an undergraduate degree in Music Performing Arts, he’s also produced and recorded 5 gospel albums to date along with playing piano behind many well-known artists.