Flint Residents Seek To Slow Traffic In Their Neighborhoods

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Monday, Oct. 21



The Traffic Taming Task Force Launches Flint Driving Change Awareness Campaign


(FLINT, MI) – A group of motivated Flint residents have partnered with Flint Neighborhood United, Neighborhood Engagement Hub, City of Flint and the Crim Fitness Foundation to identify ways to slow traffic in their neighborhoods. They call themselves the Traffic Taming Task Force and have been in operation for since October 2018.


Recently, the group launched an awareness campaign called Flint Driving Change. Signs encourage drivers to slow down, refrain from distracted driving, look out for bicyclists and to drive “like your kids walk here.” The signs also encourage bicyclists and pedestrians to take their own precautions – wear reflective clothing, wear helmets while cycling and be mindful of traffic.


The signs are available on a first come, first served basis to any neighborhood group that requests them. Signs should be placed on private property.


In addition to the marketing campaign, the group has purchased a speed radar sign that is rotated to different neighborhoods throughout the year. The sign tracks traffic volume and speed and can be used for traffic calming, as well.


Kate Cole, a resident of one of the neighborhoods where the sign has been placed describes how “at 2 p.m. in the afternoon you may find children, and adults walking or biking, feeling safe because they are in their own neighborhood. But our data collections show that a large number of people, about 25% are NOT conforming to the 25 mph limit making all residents and visitors unsafe.”


The team is collecting pre and post data to assess how the sign impacts traffic speeds. The sign will be held at each location for a total of twelve weeks before being moved to a different neighborhood. As of June 2019, they have had eight neighborhoods request to be added to the sign’s rotation schedule.