Flint Community Training Program Brings Fitness, Support, and Inspiration to Residents

Since 2012, the Flint Community Training Program (FCTP) has helped Flint residents become healthier and develop a strong social support system that helps them remain active and connected to their community. While the goal of the program is to help people train for a Crim race throughout the summer, the outcomes have a far deeper impact for those who participate, as well as their communities. Through grants and sponsorship support, the Crim is able to partner with local churches and Flint Community Schools to host running and walking clubs at a low cost, and at meeting locations near residents. This minimizes the financial and transportation barriers that had previously prevented people from participating in the Crim. 

Since 2012, the FCTP has helped more than 3,000 residents at 17 sites lead healthier, more active lives. The results are significant. FCTP participants surveyed show significant decreases in blood pressure, waist circumference, and resting heart rate. The program consistently serves as a rallying point and springboard for participants to be healthier than they otherwise would have been, and participants work to maintain a higher level of healthy and active living beyond the program. Participants also agree that participating in their FCTP group makes them feel a stronger connection to the surrounding neighborhood. 

While thousands of Flint residents have participated in the Flint Community Training Program since 2012, the impact that we care most about comes down to each individual and each neighborhood where our FCTP running & walking clubs exist. Thanks to the commitment of those individuals, the support of the Flint Community Schools and the churches that host each running & walking club, as well as the site coordinators and leaders who keep everyone motivated, we’ve been able to help thousands get ready for the Crim and lead healthier lives in the process. Here’s a quick glimpse into one of our FCTP running & walking clubs, as reported by the site coordinator:


We walked 7 miles today, and it was real hot. Parked at St. John Vianney, went all the way on the Crim route, up the Bradley hills, and then came back down Chevrolet. We had about ten in our group today, and they did excellent, despite the heat. While no one stood out with their progress, everyone has been doing great as a whole. Our group admitted that most of them slacked off a little this week, because of the heat. However, they know they need to step it up as far as training goes. Overall everyone is doing well, despite all of us being busy. The biggest challenge is just keeping consistency and finding time to train on off days. I’m feeling good that we’ll all be ready to do our Crim race when the time comes! 


We’re so proud of all who commit to be healthier by training to run or walk a Crim race. We truly believe that the Crim is for everyone, and that we share the fundamental right to be healthy and fit regardless of who we are, where we’re from, or our economic situation. The Flint Community Training Program’s running & walking clubs are just one of the ways that the Crim Fitness Foundation lives out that belief.