Families Enjoying CrimFit Business

CrimFit Business is already proving to be a fun and effective way to help employees and their families become more active. An employee of one of our new CrimFit Businesses was concerned that there wasn’t much for her eight-year-old son to get involved in locally (some of the places they used to frequent were closing) and that he was spending way too much time with his video games.

It turned out that the Crim’s Kids Classic race was that weekend, so she signed him up for free since it was part of their membership. She got in touch with us that following Monday to let us know how much fun he had and to see what other programs she might get him involved in. He is now enrolled in our Summer Running Clubs. We were so excited to see that we’re not only supporting the health of employees, but that it is also providing fun activities for their kids to be out and active.