Doyle/Ryder Takes Coordinated Approach

At Doyle Ryder, on October on the 16th, the SAC (Student Attendance Committee) hosted the first Character Assemblies for the 2018-2019 school year. The Assembly honored scholars with perfect attendance in the month of September. September was a record-breaking month with 168 scholars receiving awards for perfect attendance. To reiterate, that means 168 of 343 students enrolled did not miss a single day of school in September. Character Assemblies are a time for teachers to praise their students and give them affirmations for their hard work. Acknowledgments range from great behavior, reading improvement, to substantial gains on NWEA test scores, and other points of student growth. We hear the best part of Character Assemblies is the emcee, Mr. Jones, the school’s principal. Doyle-Ryder takes a coordinated approach to ensuring students are at school year day.  The Student Attendance Committee offers a traveling trophy to the class with the most scholars that have perfect attendance for the month. The trophy comes with a pizza party, as well. Mrs. Casucci’s 3rd-grade class was Septembers winner, having 16 Scholars with perfect attendance.

Character Assemblies serve as a goal for students who are struggling with attendance. In order to support students obtaining the “Perfect Attendance” goal, the school has put in place a system of supports. Students who are chronically absent are paired with a Success Mentor to work with the student to achieve perfect attendance status! To learn more about Success Mentoring please see David Bush, Community School Director. This year, Doyle-Ryder is excited to see many teachers taking the role of Success Mentors. Through increasing the number of mentors, we hope that more students will be matched with a caring adult to support their success.

If you would like to know more about the Doyle-Ryder Character Assemblies or Success Mentoring at Doyle-Ryder please contact Community School Director, David Bush at (810) 814-0557.