Crim Mindfulness COVID-19 Online Offerings – Thank you to all 2,461 participants!

Thank you to the 2,461 participants who attended online offerings created by the Crim Mindfulness team between March –July 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic Stay Home, Stay Safe order in Michigan.


643 of you took the time to complete a survey about your engagement.  We want to share a snapshot of the types of programming and resources you have told us you find helpful, and how this programming has impacted the community of people we serve.


·      Over 90% of individuals who participated in a live-streamed class reported experiencing a significant increase in overall wellness.

·      Participants also reported that they appreciate the live courses as a way to soothe their own anxiety and connect with others during this period of social distancing.

·      Based on your feedback, the Crim will be offering more early morning, evening, and weekend classes moving forward in order to accommodate as wide a range of participants as possible.


In response to the overwhelmingly positive reception of programming and significant reach of these programs, the Crim has elected to continue offering online programming through July 31, 2020.

Please check out current class offerings here 

and view of our recorded practices here

We will continue to adapt programming based on the needs of the Flint community.  We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feedback with us and we look forward to continuing to offer a range of programming that fits your needs. Please be in touch with us at, as well as our Facebook Page, and on Instagram with any other suggestions that you have and we look forward to seeing you at our next online class.