Creating a More Resilient Flint

The effects of the Flint Water Crisis linger in our community, with long-term effects unknown and much work still to be done to simply ensure clean water for all. Yet, there is hope for healing. The Flint community, with support from local and national partners, including the Crim Fitness Foundation, is designing and implementing an innovative public health response to this crisis to mitigate the damage caused by lead; and to address, learn from, and prevent this type of  crisis from ever happening again.

It will take all of us, working together across all sectors to  to make this happen. Dr. Mona states, “Only when we mobilize and have a say in what happens to our communities will smarter decisions be made — for the environment, for public health and for all our children.”  Read the rest of Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha’s powerful editorial in the New York Times, “How a Pediatrician Became a Detective “by clicking here.

The Crim Fitness Foundation is working to do our part to contribute to this incredible public health effort  through all of our program areas including nutrition, physical activity, community education, advocacy and outreach, and mindfulness. With support from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, the Crim launched a city-wide initiative in 2016 specifically designed to share mindfulness practices with Flint youth and adults as a way to contribute to healing and building a more resilient community.

Please join the Crim Fitness Foundation and the thousands of youth, educators, parents and community members involved in creating a more mindful and resilient Flint through workshops, trainings, and community events. Learn more here.