Mohammed Aboutawila
Community School Director
Southwestern Classical Academy (9-12)
1420 W. Twelfth Street, Flint, Michigan 48507
Phone: 810-760-1951 | Email:

Mohammed Aboutawila attended Flint Community Schools elementary through secondary and is a proud graduate from Flint Northwestern High School. Mohammed is the first male within his family to receive a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan Flint, his concentration was Health Education and Behavior and also, Healthcare Administration.

Mohammed is also the first male in his family to attain a master’s degree, which he received in Public Administration from the University of Michigan. Mohammed has 10 amazing years of experience working with youth and communities within the city of Flint. He also has 6 years of experience developing and coordinating after-school activities and managing after-school sites to provide enrichment activities, so students excel in their academics. Mohammed is passionate about improving Flint communities and building relationships with students and parents of all ages. He believes in the public’s abilities of creativity and innovation of education, athleticism, and technology. His main focus is to develop the community to excel in diverse skill-sets, nurture the community, and to provide a safe environment for the community. Mohammed loves technology, networking with the community, and sports.

Community Health Worker

Do you have difficulty getting yourself or your child(ren) to a doctor’s appointment? Does your child(ren) have asthma, diabetes, or any other chronic illness? We are here to help, contact your Community Health Worker today!

Chylawn Jackson
810-339-6394 ext. 232


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