Community Training Participant Marva Neeley finds Strength in Numbers

When faced with a stroke and the resurgence of breast cancer, many people might give up. But not Marva Neeley. Instead, she decided to participate in the HAP Crim Festival of Races. So, this past summer she joined the Crim’s Community Training Program at the Shiloh Baptist Church site. There, she met with her fellow church members, friends and family and got to work making the dream happen.

With the encouragement of her Crim Community Training group, the use of her walker and the support of her minister, Marva was able to complete the Michigan Mile this year — and she made a few new friends along the way.

“It felt so good when I got across the finish line. It makes a big difference if you’ve got the people there to encourage you. Maybe next time I’ll do three miles,” said Marva.

Initially, Marva joined the program to get more active, saying that she hadn’t exercised much – not having a space to exercise or a group to do it with. But Marva’s determination and the Crim’s Community Training Program changed that. “I met with my group at my church, which made it really convenient for me. My family was able to join me and I got to know people I didn’t know before.”Associate Minister Mary Haney was at Marva’s side as she crossed the finish line. “She’s a true inspiration,” Minister Haney said. “More church members plan to participate next year after seeing her finish the race.”

“The training program really does give people the ability to do something they never thought they could do,” said Minister Haney.

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