Bringing Community Together at Neithercut Elementary School

At Neithercut, we pride ourselves on working together with students, families, and friends to build a healthy community! We understand that a healthy community only happens when the community is involved. We are involving our community by offering places for parents to enjoy open and safe conversations through programs like Muffins with Moms and Dads with Donuts events where mothers and fathers spend about 15 minutes with their child prior to school. Then, once the students return to class, the mothers and fathers spend time with various speakers sharing information that pertains to health, finances, local activities and resources, education, employment and sometimes, just good old fashion “grown folk” talk. It’s a space where women and men can share, interact, and support each other.

We offer family programmings such as STEM and Math Nights where we are hosting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math nights that will include free food and free activities for our students and families. We are excited to expose our students to careers and entrepreneurship opportunities in the areas of science and math. These events are open to the public.

Last but not least, we also understand the value of our volunteers. We believe that the best way to work with our volunteers is by making sure they are, not just well informed, but are doing their heart’s work. With that, we offer Volunteer Workshops, for those who have a desire to help others here in our community to come and learn where the help is needed. These workshops cover the basics in volunteerism, such as events in which we need volunteers, times of those events, schedules for volunteer hours and customer service practices.


For more information on how you can become a volunteer or on how you can participate in our programming, contact Rawlan Lillard II, Community School Director at (810) 238-6228.