Annual Report


Dear Friends,

I am truly humbled by this opportunity to provide a few words to acknowledge the incredible work this organization is doing to change the future for the people of Flint and Genesee County.

Thirty-seven years ago, I had no idea what lay ahead for our community or the Crim race … no one could foresee such a future of change as well as challenge. I did know that collectively we had incredible core strength, capable of meeting whatever the future would present. The parallels are so similar to running a race – no matter how much you prepare, the future is truly uncertain. With focus and compassion, the Crim continues to serve this community in ways I never imagined possible. Leading as an economic engine as well as an innovator for health and wellness,
today the Crim Fitness Foundation provides hope for generations to come – the legacy of the “Crim” is that they are truly “paying it forward”.

I am so proud of my association with this organization and how we are all capable of coming together! Thank you for your commitment as volunteers, donors, program participants, or simply for embracing a healthier life – it’s going to pay huge dividends for the generations to come.

I’m looking forward to seeing each of you race weekend or throughout the year and welcoming you to this wonderful thing called “The Crim”.

If you’d like to see how much of a difference we make, download our 2012 – 2013 Annual Report.

– Bobby Crim