A Conversation With Kevelin Jones II

Kevelin Jones II
Flint Community Schools Assistant Superintendent, Mindfulness Ambassador, Inspirational Leader

Kevelin Jones II is an inspiration to many, especially when it comes to Flint kids. He has been a strong advocate for youth in the community and a leader in bringing mindfulness to the Flint Community Schools. As a long-time musician having played piano for over 30 years, Kevelin has recorded 5 gospel Christian CDs. The oldest of 9 children, Kevelin also has 2 sons and a daughter with his lovely wife of 19 years, ensuring that he is no stranger to inspiring and leading children.

Born and raised in Flint, Kevelin is a scholar produced by the Flint Community Schools. For the past 19 years, he has spent time in various positions within schools and has never been shy to give back to his community, most importantly, the scholars in Flint Community Schools. His passion is to build the culture of Flint schools.

The work that the Crim Fitness Foundation is doing, by leading the Flint Community Education Initiative (Flint CEI) is truly having a transformational change to our community, especially during times like this.

During his time as principal at Doyle Ryder, Kevelin quickly realized the impact that mindfulness was having with students and became a strong proponent of its practice, going as far as dedicating an entire room for students, staff, and parents to use to practice mindfulness.

In his transition to Assistant Superintendent of Flint Community Schools, Kevelin continued this focus and built a mindfulness room in the central office for the school staff. Through the Crim Mindfulness Initiative Ambassador Program, Kevelin has been able to continue to leverage his network to encourage mindfulness throughout the community.

“In order to be able to deliver the highest quality educational experience for our Flint scholars, it is important to focus on the whole student, which is not just academics but also emotional and physical well-being,” said Kevelin. “Being able to work with Flint CEI Community School Directors, who support after school activities to keep students off the street, be safe and mindful of their actions, allows for us as educators to be able to accomplish our goal of building a strong, well-rounded scholar” Kevelin continued.

It is very apparent that Kevelin has a focus on the future and understands that the students we are molding today are destined to build our tomorrow. It is important that we treat students how we want them to view themselves which is why Kevelin always refers to students as scholars.

One item that the Crim Fitness Foundation has worked hard at is helping to build strong and lasting relationships with parents to assist with resources designed to keep scholars in school, learning, and growing.  With the help of programs implemented by the Flint Community Education Initiative, led by the Crim Fitness Foundation, Flint scholars are able to have greater attendance rates, be more engaged in after school programs such as sports, and robotics, as well as build a network of peers to help build community. This translates into a better experience and education and allows for a more well-rounded scholar.

One example of this was demonstrated during Kevelin’s time at Doyle Ryder when they had experienced over 250 suspensions the previous year.  After working with David Bush, Flint CEI Community School Director at Doyle Ryder on bringing some of these resources to students, they saw suspensions drop to just 60 for the following year.  This is a strong example of how giving tools to scholars to help resolve conflicts early, ensures a safer, more robust educational environment and delivers a higher quality experience producing a better tomorrow.

Kevelin has experienced the loss of 3 family members to COVID-19 and realizes that having resources at everyone’s disposal to help cope with what is happening right now, is needed. “We need to have an even stronger dedication to mindfulness practices right now to help build our mental resiliency for the undoubted stresses that many are facing. As adults, we can’t ask kids to do anything that we ourselves are not willing to do. We need mindfulness now more than ever” Kevelin said. He also went further to explain “Flint Community Schools will continue to provide helpful resources and tools for students, parents and the entire community.”


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