Policies We Support

Complete Streets

Bill #: H.R. 2071 (also called Safe Streets Act of 2015)
Introduced: April 2015
Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA-6)
Committees: House – Transportation and Infrastructure

H.R.2071 requires each state to have in effect within two years a law, or each state department of transportation and metropolitan planning organization (MPO) an explicit policy statement, that requires all federally-funded transportation projects, with certain exceptions, to accommodate the safety and convenience of all users in accordance with certain complete streets principles.

Defines “complete streets principles” as federal, state, local, or regional level transportation laws, policies, or principles which ensure that the safety and convenience of all users of a transportation system, including pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit users, children, older individuals, motorists, freight vehicles, and individuals with disabilities, are accommodated in all phases of project planning and development.

For more details visit: http://1.usa.gov/1HaXRDE

Vulnerable Roadway Users Act

Bill #: H.B. 5080 (originally HB 4792)
Introduced: May 2013
Supported by: League of Michigan Bicyclists
Sponsors: Reps. Ed McBroom (R-Vulcan) and David Nathan (D-Detroit)

HB 5080 (originally HB 4792) create enhanced penalties. Vulnerable roadway users are defined as bicyclists, pedestrians or wheelchair users. The enhanced penalties include community service, driver-improvement education, fines, and jail time, as well as a mandatory one-year license suspension. These would only apply if a driver committed a moving violation resulting in the injury or death of a non-motorized user who was following Michigan traffic laws.

HB 5080 passed unanimously out of the Criminal Justice Committee.

For more details visit: http://bit.ly/1JK8yEg or http://www.sharemiroads.org

Healthy Kids Outdoors Act

Bill #: H.R. 2014 and S. 1078
Re-Introduced: April 2015
Supported by: American Camp Association
Sponsors: H.R. 2014 Sponsored by Congressman Ron Kind (WI-3), S. 1078 Sponsored by Senator Martin Heinrich (NM)

H.R. 2014 and S. 1078 will provide incentives for states that develop a five year strategy that connects youth and families to nature and outdoors. The bills require state’s strategies include partnering with non-governmental organizations, especially those that serve children, youth and families. The bills require states to provide opportunities for the public to be involved in development and implementation of the strategy. In addition, the bills support research documenting the health, conservation and other benefits of active time spent outdoors in the natural world.The bills direct the President of the United States to develop a similar strategy at the Federal level by bringing together federal agencies and national partners to create a national action plan.

For more details visit: http://www.acacamps.org/publicpolicy/HKOA