Parks & Recreation Project

Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities Initiative

From 2009-2013 the Crim Fitness Foundation, in partnership with the Michigan Fitness Foundation,participated as one of 49 grantees in the Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities(HKHC) program, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to advance community-based solutions that help reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. The HKHC program focused on changing policies and environments to support active living and healthy eating among children and families. Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities is one of RWJF’s largest and most ambitious community-action programs ever supported by the Foundation and a cornerstone of RWJF’s $500 commitment to reverse the country’s childhood obesity epidemic by 2015. Flint’s HKHC Initiative, known as Where Do Flint’s Children Play?, worked directly with residents, grassroots organizations, and local government to implement capacity-building, policy, and environmental change approaches torevitalize Flint parks.

Key Accomplishments of the Flint HKHC Initiative:

  • Worked with the city and local stakeholders to update the five-year parks and recreation master plan
  • Conducted a Parks Policy Review Report that provided recommended policy changes
  • Catalyzed community voice for a strong parks component to be included in the 2013 City Master Plan
  • Cultivated “Friends of Max Brandon Park,” a sustainable group of park advocates caring and planning for Max Brandon Park
  • Facilitated community engagement and parks discussions to provide opportunities for Flint residents to be civically engaged around parks
  • Leveraged an additional $422,823 in cash and in-kind resources to match the initial $360,000 investment from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Physical Improvements in focus parks Max Brandon Park and Brennan Park:

  • $11,000 for a tree removal project
  • $5,000 for tree trimming in the park
  • $12,500 environmental sustainability project
  • $1,500 playground maintenance grant
  • $15,000 to restore park pavilion
  • $15,000 to restore a baseball field
  • New park picnic tables and benches

Parks Map

Looking For A Map Of City Of Flint Parks?

You can download a map of Flint parks and trails by visiting the City of Flint Parks & Recreation web page.

Park Reports

Speak to Youth Health Survey! Neighborhood Assessment
The Prevention Research Center of Michigan produced a report of a GIS Analysis of data from the Flint “Speak to Your Health!” Survey to better understand population demographics near parks and the neighborhood environment in which each park is located.

Park Amenity Assessment
An amenity assessment was completed to inventory and systematically document type, features, amenities, quality, and incivilities of physical activity resources in 63 Flint Parks utilizing the Physical Activity Resource Assessment (PARA).

Flint Park Needs Assessment
The Crim partnered with the University of Michigan-Flint to use the Trust for Public Land’s Needs Index to assess where city of Flint parks are located in relationship to where they are most needed in the community.

Flint Park Use Study- Transtria
The Crim partnered with Transtria, LLC. to look at park use and users’ physical activity levels in four city of Flint parks.

Flint Parks Use Study- Michigan State University
The Crim partnered with Michigan State University to look at park use and users’ physical activity levels in four city of Flint parks.

Flint Park Policy Review
The Crim partnered with University of Michigan-Flint to use the Trust for Public Land’s 7 Healthy Habits for an Excellent Park System to review the city of Flint’s park policies.

Park Report Briefs
Summaries, key findings, and recommendations from parks reports.

HKHC initial Community-wide Survey
In 2009, HKHC Partnership launched a community-wide survey to understand residents’ perceptions and use of City of Flint Parks. More than 500 residents completed the survey and provided valuable input that helped guide this project. Click here to view the survey results.

Focus Park Selection Process
Based on a six-month assessment phase that included gathering community input through surveys and conducting technical assessments to determine access to and equity in the distribution of parks, criteria were developed by the HKHC partnership and three focus parks were selected.

Click here to view the selection criteria and overview of the parks selection process.

Click here to view the parks scoring sheet.

Flint Final Summary Report
A final summary report that provides an overview of activities, accomplishments, and evaluation efforts for the Flint HKHC project.