Active Living

Benefits of Active TransportationActive Living is a way of life that integrates physical activity into daily routines. The goal is to accumulate at least 30 minutes of activity each day. Individuals may achieve this by walking or bicycling for transportation, exercise or pleasure; playing in the park; working in the yard; taking the stairs; and using recreation facilities.

What is an Active Community

Active living communities are places where it is easy to integrate physical activity into daily routines. While there is no template for what an active community looks like, there are general characteristics that help define an active community: A comprehensive network of non-motorized facilities (on and off road); Development is compact, dense, & diverse to provide varied and plentiful destinations; A civic culture of support policies & infrastructure; and Residents are walking and bicycling!

There are also 3 guiding principles that work in concert to create an active living community.

Current Environment: the design and maintenance of the built environment and transportation networks must make it safe and attractive for people to walk or bicycle; Policies & Planning: planning documents, municipal ordinances and development review processes assist decision-makers to create a community vision that includes walking and bicycling; and Programs & Promotion: education and outreach in schools, neighborhoods, and worksites are essential to encourage people to participate in physical activity.