Parent Information

Ten Tips for Parents to Support the Crim Fit Mindfulness Program

  1. Ask your child/children to teach you what they learned in mindfulness lessons.
  2. Practice with them.
  3. Acknowledge their efforts as they practice mindfulness.
  4. Share with them the tactics you use when you are stressed and/or to calm down.
  5. Don’t use mindfulness as a discipline.
  6. Remember that children absorb your emotions and reflect them back to you.
  7. Read the Invisible Tool in Your Back Pack here.
  8. Visit their classroom during a mindfulness lesson.
  9. Schedule an information session with your school parent teacher group and the Crim.
  10. Contact Tom Hauer at or Jamie Florida at for more information.


Crim Mindfulness Lessons have been taught to more than 3,000 area youth and over 500 educators.  Dramatic results include increased attention span, enhanced impulse control, less stress, faster social-emotional growth and increased empathy for oneself and others.  Teachers have found classroom management easier and have noted an increase in grades and better relationships between students.  The program consists of up to eighteen short lessons presented over a two month period.  In the lessons students learn to train their attention on a variety of things including listening, sitting quietly, moving, tasting and breathing.  The program not only helps students concentrate but can provide the tools needed for conflict resolution and in developing skills needed to deter bullying.

The University of California at Davis and Michigan State University have been involved in research concerning the impact that a mindfulness curriculum has upon students.  Recent studies at Harvard Medical emphasize the importance of mindfulness training in both brain function and development.  In Ohio, Congressman Tim Ryan has introduced legislation to provide mindfulness training to all teacher training programs throughout the state.

For more information contact Mindfulness Program Manager Tom Hauer at or 810-513-8808. For additional resources, contact Jamie Florida, Program Coordinator at or 810-235-7461.